The FPGA used on vaaman is efinix’s trion T120F324.Efinity IDE is used for generating the bit/hex stream of your RTL code to run in on FPGA.

You can download the the software from here. (Efinity software provides a free liscense.To get a free license, register at efinix Support Center. )


Run the following command on your terminal to extract the downloaded folder content.

tar -xvf downloaded_folder_name.tar.bz2

cd <efinix-folder>/bin/ directory and run the following command to setup your IDE



Write the above command at the end of your .bashrc file to avoid writing it every time you start.


In some version of ubuntu after running this command terminal may throw core aborted error. This due missing dev files of libxcb libraries.You can simply install them via

sudo apt install libxcb*

For Installation of drivers , from the <efinix-folder>/bin directory run:

sudo ./

After setting up just writing efinity on your terminal will start the efinity software.

For detailed information: see software guide.