Rockchip Development Tool Guide

Rockchip offers the RKDevTool as a fundamental development tool for Windows, and Linux Upgrade Tool for Linux and mac-OS.

This tool is used to upgrade or flash the firmware on Rockchip SoCs and it is the primary tool used for flashing Vaaman Linux images to the eMMC, SD-Card, or other storage devices.


Vicharak’s rockchip based boards supports MaskROM mode, which is a special operation mode that allows the board to be flashed with new firmware.

We will use Linux Upgrade Tool for Linux/Mac-OS and RKDevTool for Windows.

This tool supports following features:

- Downloading firmware
- Erasing flash
- Writing firmware
- Reading flash
- Reading information
- Formatting flash
- Resetting device
- Rebooting device
- Upgrading firmware

And many more.


Understand the firmware file formats before flashing

See the Firmware File Formats